Cisco Makes Way to Data Center Virtualization Joins Hands with Microsoft

Cisco, the sellers of consumer electronics have sought o increase their platforms in Data Center Virtualization, as they join hands with Microsoft.

The Data Center Virtualization platforms of the company, Cisco need to be strengthened as they are seeking to increase their virtual services. In accordance to this, Cisco has merged with Microsoft. With a joint prospect, Cisco wants to enhance their data center virtualization solutions so that they will be sufficient to the needs of their respective clients.

Cisco has already providing its clients with competent and advanced virtual services. Their Cisco Nexus 1000V distributed virtual switch and the Cisco Unified Computing System with Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (VM-FEX) are known tools of their division dealing with Virtualization. However, now it will work in collaboration with Windows Server Hyper-V hypervisor. Together they will provide customers with advanced Cisco networking features. These features will be able to assist both virtual and physical networks. Consequently, it will enhance their clientele and will also help them develop solid supply structure of Virtualization.

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) will help Cisco to strengthen the network. Their field of virtualization and server administrators will gain efficiency in collaboratively managing multi-tenant and mobile virtual environments. In this way the Virtual machines of the company will be formed into a substantial entity itself. It will also help them to obtain accurate, real-time data for troubleshooting of virtual environments.

Cisco will conduct integration with the help of the following tools: Cisco’s security software (Virtual Security Gateway and Virtual ASA), application optimization software (Virtual Wide Area Application Services) and network monitoring software (Network Analysis Module), the Nexus 1000V provides granular virtual-machine-level security and application acceleration for multi-tenant environments.

The integration of these tools with Microsoft, Cisco will be able to enhance their own features and will also be deploying the services provided by Microsoft to strengthen their own clientele. With such collaborations, a positive and healthy message can be conveyed to those who want to develop their virtual machines even more. Collaboration in virtualization, are often productive as collective efforts bring forth big clients and interesting targets to meet up.

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