VMware Plans on Strengthening the Storage Department after Altering Their Computing Model

VMware has very intelligently expanded and developed its computing model in the past, and continues to do so by updating their storage departments as well.

VMware, the global virtual providers have made it big for themselves gradually with time, as they have continuously evolved during the course of time! After laying hands on multiple projects and divisions of the company, VMware decided to make their storage sections extremely strong and risk proof. Thus for this, they have launched subsidiaries that will ensure reliable and absolutely filtered storage facility to the clients and users of VMware’s virtual machines.

Earlier on, VMware made it big by allowing companies to operate multiple servers on one physical host provided by them. This increased the performance scale and also the outcome graph increased. Later they made shifts in public and private cloud and stressed upon their uses as well as how they can be deployed efficiently by enterprises to suit their needs and to extract the maximum benefit out of them. Now they plan to develop the storage abilities of the virtual providers.

In order to provide their clients with the best storage facilities, VMware has intelligently designed the Virtual Storage Appliance. This appliance provides the user with the ability to store their data and files at the networks on their own existing softwares and platforms rather than an external one. Previously, clients had to buy external storage compounds which would carry out this function. This need was fulfilled by EMC, EqualLogic and NetApp. The amount that they charged for the provision of storage was very high and with the availability of VSA, this need has been completed and now the clients dp not have to access an external platform for their won data.

Another feature designed is the vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI). This helps the users access more storage at the same time and also in a highly secure environment. Less time will be spending on managing the underling storage arrays and performance will thus be triggered to be better and better with time.

The New Profile Driven Storage acts as the linking source between the storage compound and the virtual locators who are able to extract appropriate data from the compounds. The long route and the excessive time wastes, is both saved via the New Profile Driven Storage technique.

Thus, VMware has yet again won the hearts of its clients because of its format of regularly updating and upgrading their features and services.

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