Will Desktop Virtualization Gradually Shelve Wide Area Network?

Studies trigger speculations about Desktop Virtualization gradually taking the lead against WAN and expressing fears of gradual disappearance of WAN.

Who says virtualization is not growing?? This is not what is real, as virtualization is gradually taking many international enterprises under its spell. It is growing immensely and with its increasing popularity, the disadvantages of PC computing are also being highlighted.

Recently in an ESG Research report released, the IT professionals were asked as to what do they prefer PC computing or Desktop Virtualization, regarding the security levels of both. And unfortunately most of them were of the view that managing PCs is way complex and unreliable than compared to the centralized Desktop Virtualization.

The survey interestingly showed that 25% of organizations are already using desktop virtualization technologies to serve remote/branch workers, 22% plan to do so in the next 12 months, and 20% plan to do so in the next 24 months.

If this remains the pace, as per the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the users of Desktop Virtualization will increase in the coming years. On one hand WAN optimization controllers is accelerating SharePoint, Exchange, and file access. Whereas, Desktop Virtualization helps deal with new vendors and opens the market for new protocol support.

The survey stated: “Virtual desktops may not come from corporate HQ. My guess is that many firms will look at the transition from physical to virtual desktops and at least investigate SaaS provider options as an alternative to owning all of the servers, storage, networking equipment, etc. This may mean that branch offices become dual-homed with WAN connections to corporate data centers and direct Internet connections for cloud connectivity. This could be a profound change to typical branch office networks.”

Thus with the increasing percentage of enterprises deploying Desktop Virtualization there is the possibility that WAN and its related services might decrease with the passage of time.

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