Big Enhancements to Infrastructure Make LifeSize the Hero


LifeSize supports Universal Video Collaboration with improved Infrastructure, enhancements made in LifeSize Transit, LifeSize Bridge and LifeSize Control


We have entered a world in which new video infrastructures and video collaboration have become a necessity for organizations and IT executives. They require a new flexible approach to administer, install and expand video collaboration in ways that were not offered before.

An Austin, TX based company has solved that problem; Logitech’s division LifeSize announced on the 12th of July that they have improved their infrastructure offerings. Now they offer enhanced versions of LifeSize Transit with a fully virtualized server, LifeSize Bridge with a 48 way video calling function, and LifeSize Control with an expanded multi-vendor interoperability. Through the offering of an open HD framework, enterprises will be able to lower their costs, increase scalability and lower the cost of ownership within the IT departments.

“Infrastructure is the foundation of your video network,” said Craig Malloy, chief executive officer of LifeSize. “The technology behind it should be as seamless and interoperable as possible. LifeSize consistently gives customers flexibility, fast deployment and easy integration to enable video collaboration on an ever-larger scale. With the new infrastructure features announced today, we’re redefining industry trends in virtualization, interoperability and scalability. Once again, LifeSize is rewriting the rules of video collaboration with groundbreaking simplicity—thus making video an essential component of every work environment.”

LifeSize is always looking for ways to improve their video conferencing services, according to Diana Hyland, Product Marketing Manager of LifeSize. “We continually ask ourselves the question, what do IT teams need to be successful, not just in video conferencing but in everything they do? Firewall traversal that is faster than a speeding bullet? Video management that is more powerful than a locomotive?”

The announcement has followed such questions where LifeSize focused on removing the complexities and deployment difficulties in video conferencing and at the same time increasing the speed of their offerings. Now customers using the LifeSize video conferencing products can realize the efficiency and output related to the service as new features make it easier for the client to connect securely to any network.


New features of the infrastructure include:

LifeSize Transit: Easy and rapid deployments are now possible through the SIP/H.323 firewall and NAT traversal solution. Virtualization options have become more flexible for IT staff through options now available in LifeSize Transit Server’s VMware option.

LifeSize Bridge: New multipoint control unit (MCU) allows communication and video calling with up to 48 people on a single bridge call. LifeSize Bridge 1.1 also includes 10 additional updates vital for enterprise deployments.

LifeSize Control: The video management solution has increased integration with LifeSize and other market leading video conferencing products. It also includes functions that provide enhanced management of the video environment and automatic LifeSize Transit account provisioning for LifeSize Desktop and LifeSize endpoints.


Lifesize Bridge 1.1 and LifeSize Control 5.5 are expected to be available in the third quarter for 2011 with ranging prices. LifeSize Transit 3.5 is already available in the market.

According to a general poll cited in LifeSize’s blog, IT teams want a number of things from such IT solutions. These include performance, reliability, ease of use, time efficiency, scalability, ability to trial and security. LifeSize has kept all of these points in mind when designing their enhancements. The new infrastructure offerings surely won’t disappoint.

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